Sonda lineare 7,5 MHz 40 mm L7M-A per Chison Eco1, Eco3 Expert,
Sonda lineare 7,5 MHz 40 mm L7M-A per Chison Eco1, Eco3 Expert,
Euro 2,100.00
Operating light mod. "Saturn" Art. 2734 Euro 2,115.00

Operating light mod. "Saturn" Art. 2734 operating light-type lamp suitable for small outpatient surgery area, gynecology and first aid. Internally a dish made of optical glass treated with vacuum deposition of thin layers filters the infrared (heat) allowing the release of cold light the surgical field. The heat is dissipated outside filtered through the aluminum reflector. A filter located in protection of the parabola provides a color temperature of 3.500K. The luminous intensity of 40,000 lux at one meter, while the diameter of the illuminated field is about 15 cm. The parabolic arc allows to suppress the shadows and to obtain a light depth, requires no focusing. Great handling and stability of placement. The aluminum frame makes the product light weight movements. Adjustable friction bearings are mounted on each joint of the lamp. Easy lamp replacement even by staff not specialized. For environments where it is not guaranteed the continuity of the electric network, we recommend purchasing the battery pack with charger automatic, autonomy 1 hour and 6 hours recharge time. Medical Device Class I, CE marking according to Directive Devices Doctors 93/42 EEC. ALUMINIUM STRUCTURE The structure "struct-light" lamp is made of tubular aluminum with a diameter of 45 mm. This particular facilitates the installation without the aid of mechanical lifters, makes the product suitable for every type of ceiling and light to handle, facilitates the dissipation of heat. COLD LIGHT The reflector optical glass is treated with vacuum deposition of thin layers to filter the infrared (heat) and allow release of cold light on the surgical field, in order to avoid dehydration of the tissue during surgery and for the comfort of the work the surgeon. DEPTH The light rays generated by the bulb is reflected by the dish to point to suppress the shadows and get a three-dimensional light of depth. STILL WITHOUT ROTATION The rotation center and the side is at 360 ? with continuous rotation. The transmission of current occurs through contacts crawling. MOVING VERTICAL The vertical arm has a heel of 97 ? with a stroke of 145cm. The balancing occurs by means of a compression spring and can be adjusted over time if there was a need. The movement is slight and special brasses make it stable in any position. At 10 ? ROTATION The floor version is designed to be rotated on the stem of 10 ? to the vertical part without the need to rotate the base. This technical solution makes it particularly suitable where for logistical reasons it is difficult to move the base with wheels. Antistatic and lockable mobile pedestal version is equipped as standard with 4-wheel anti-static, 2 with latch.

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