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As regards to safety in health practice, sterilisation is the first aspect to consider. Autoclaves offer physical and legal safety. This is why autoclaves must be chosen according to rational logics and based on professional and not only cost-related evaluations. With the new EN 13060 standard, the choice of the right autoclave is now easier for professionals: they must choose a certified, adequate model, based on the type of materials to sterilise. A B-type loads autoclave allows to sterilize hollow materials such as handpieces and turbines and porous materials (overalls, gauze...). P.I.D. System (Proportional Integral Derivate) It represents the top of closed loop controls. P.I.D. ensures a constant control and monitoring of the whole operating system of the autoclave, acting automatically in case of anomalies or incorrect technical and electronic parameters. Internal tanks All the autoclaves are equipped with an internal tank for pure water and another for used water. Each tank is equipped with probes to detect the minimum and maximum water levels. Preset temperatures The preset temperatures used in our autoclaves cycles are 134°C and 121°C. 134°C cycles are normally used for sterilization of solid and ferrous materials. 121°C cycles are normally used for sterilization of thermoplastic and delicate materials. Ease of use Sterilization cycle is selected by pushing one button and activated by pushing another. First button allows to scroll and view data about all sterilization cycles on the display and select the cycle that suits your materials best, second button automatically starts the whole sterilization cycle. It is impossible to make mistake or choose an inadequate sterilization cycle. In case of any error or warning a series of messages and LEDS will inform you about the problem. Fully automatic cycles All cycles are fully automatic, with all steps managed by the leading-edge computer board with a powerful microprocessor. Each step (vacuum, preheating, exposure time, drying) is automatically monitored, assisted and handled. There is no need for human intervention in cycle management. Cycles without operator intervention and with autoshutdown In sterilization cycles an automatic function will trigger an anti-condensation process and auto-shutdown if the operator is not by the machine when the cycle ends. Test cycles Our autoclaves are equipped with test cycles for periodic control by means of physical and functional tests. Helix test, to assess vacuum capacity in hollow bodies. Bowie & Dick test to evaluate vacuum capability in hollow bodies. Vacuum test to evaluate vacuum retaining capability. Costantly monitored cycles A device constantly controls and monitors the sterilization cycles. Any anomaly or uncommon feature is quickly detected and immediately blocked if it jeopardises the sterilization cycles. The operator is warned of the anomaly by a message. All cycles ensure sterilization of B-type loads All the sterilization cycles feature the fractional vacuum system as well as the controls of parameters that ensure sterilization of B-type loads. Therefore, even if the type of cycle chosen is incorrect the sterilization carried out on the material will be equally adequate. Average time of the total cycle* • Wrapped 121° C: 60 min • Flash 134° C: 32 min • Wrapped 134° C: 47 min • Prion 134° C: 62 min * Times expressed in minutes. The total time includes: vacuum, pre-heating time, cycle and drying phase. The times are to be intended for a fully loaded autoclave. Technical Specifications • External size: 510 x 390 x 590 mm (WxHxD) • Chamber size: 245 x 320 mm (Ψ x dept) • Operating voltage 230V - 50/60 Hz • Max absorbed power: 1700 W • Weight: 54 kg • Built in printer • Biological incubator connector • Manual closing • Fitting for pura deioniser • PID system

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